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Bridal Cocktails

Our company offers two unique options for our clients bar service.


Concierge Service: Once we discuss the budget for the bar and specifics of what clients want to serve, we handle all of the shopping for alcohol, mixers and garnishes. We will bring all of the items for the bar the day of the event, so our clients do not have to worry about storage or transport on the day of the event. A 25% service charge is applied to the total amount of items purchased for the bar.   


You call it service: We pride ourselves that our clients can pick and choose the services they want. With this type of bar service we will still provide our expert consultation on a bar menu and recommendations for items needed for a fully functional bar, and it will be up to you to purchase and bring all the necessary items. 


We also offer private tasting at our tasting room in NE ABQ.

Please inquire for details. 

Pricing & Rentals
BarKeep Services

ABQ Barkeeps top-shelf bartenders come fully licensed, experienced and equipped to serve all types of bars. We bring items like shakers, wine and beer bottle openers, beverage napkins and straws, garnish trays, ice buckets, coolers and other items as needed depending on the type of bar and drink menu. When you book your event we will help you customize and ensure your event will have everything it needs. 

  •  We have a 4 hour minimum for all services. ( events less than 4 hour will have a price break )

  • We do require a 20% deposit . 

  • Our bar services range from $75-$100/hr/bartender depending on location and types of drinks served 

  • We also offer Mocktail bartenders 

  • Please note we do NOT offer cash bar services 

Portable Bars

We have a range of bars for rental depending on your need and style. Set up fees may apply 

Black Classic Bar

Grey Bar Top.jpg


L-Shaped Classic Bar



Wooden -Tin Bar

Tin Bar -6.jpg


Horse trailer Bar BY Piper & Penelope 



Glassware & Bar Accessory Rental

We at ABQ BarKeeps know that to make your event extra classy, glassware is essential. Our glassware comes hand polished and is the perfect addition to any event without having to use all your own glassware. 

(Glass cleaning fee)

Wine glasses, Beer glasses, Champagne flutes, Cocktail glasses 


Keg Tap Rental 

$20.00 Each

Insulated Keg Jacket (only offered Oct.-March, or for inside events)

or Keg Tub Rental 

$15.00 each

Disposable Cups
Disposable cups for wedding service

2 oz. Crystal Clear Shot Glasses

9 oz. Crystal Clear Cups



16 oz. Crystal Clear Cups


Specialty Beverage & Ice Service

ABQ BarKeeps also offers high end non-alcoholic beverage options. We have 4 preset beverages that change based on the season and current trends. We are also happy to customize a speciality non-alcoholic beverages for your event, please inquire for pricing on customizable beverages. All specialty beverages are sold by the  2.5/5 gallon. 

Specialty Wedding Beverages

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade 

Strawberry limeade

Classic Homestyle Lemonade 

The Blushing Bride Lemonade 

$20.00/2.5 Gal

$30.00/2.5 Gal

$30.00/2.5 Gal 

$30.00/2.5 Gal 

$30.00/5 Gal

$50.00/5 Gal

$50.00/5 Gal

$50.00/5 Gal


Classic Unsweet Iced Tea

Raspberry Hibiscus Iced Tea 

$20.00/2.5 Gal

$25.00/2.5 Gal

$30.00/5 Gal

$50.00/5 Gal


Cucumber Lemon Basil Infused Water 

Watermelon Kiwi Infused Water 

$25.00/2.5 Gal

$25.00/2.5 Gal

Purified Water 

$15.00/2.5 Gal

$35.00/5 Gal

$35.00/5 Gal

$25.00/5 Gal


Our coffee service is prepared for your guests individually from your Barkeep. We use a coffee machine behind the bar to ensure your guests have the freshest cup of coffee. With the service we provide a disposable heat proof cup and lid, but you can add our glass mugs for $0.75 per glass. We also provide  half and half and sugar for coffee .

Coffee Service Per Guest 

$1.25 per guest

Ice Service

We suggest ice quantities based on bar menu and guests, please inquire with us on how much you will need for your event.(Delivery Fee's apply)

10 lb bag of ice 


Square 2x2 Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

$1.50 each

Frozen Drink/Margarita Machine

(Has to be inside or in constant shade)


Additional Services

Event Insurance : Your service with ABQBarkeeps comes with alcohol liability insurance to cover the hosts of the event and our bartenders during the time of service. If you need any additional information, or a copy of the insurance for your venue please let us know. 

Travel Charges : Anywhere in the Albuquerque Metro, Rio Rancho or Bernalillo area, travel is free. All other travel is dependent on mileage to event out of Rio Rancho area and quantity of staff required to staff event. 

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